Saturday, January 12, 2019

Some projects are just... meh.... ugh... bleh....

We all have them. Those projects that sit and sit and sit because we just can't get motivated to start or finish them. I have more than a few of those but am determined to finish some this year. It's nothing against this project but here is my current dreaded project: the Empress Catherine Collar, designed by Leslee Frumin. As you can tell by the 2016 publishing date of the "Favorite Stitches" issue, it has sat in my to-do pile for a couple years.

And, based on the materials list, I made a bit of an investment in the supplies, specifically 302 4mm pearl rounds.
The project finally hit my beading mat this summer and, at first, it went swimmingly as I built the base of right angle weave. But then I got to the embellishment part and hit my first speed bump. You do criss crosses of beads in between each right angle weave unit, which isn't too bad, but you have to string a small number of 15/0 beads underneath a line of embellishment requiring that I pay close attention that  I am going in the right direction and not snagging around another part of the project. Not ... at ... all ... relaxing. So I tucked it away over the holidays and brought it back out this week-end.

Here's a close-up of my embellishing work so far.

I do love the color of the Swarhovski rounds: scarabaeus green. I needed so many for this design, I bought the factory pack of 500 pieces which gives me some extra for a later design.

So I treated myself to less frustrating design and put together these Winding Path earrings, designed by Stephanie at BronzePony. Here is a link to the YouTube tutorial if you'd like to make yourself a pair.

Winding Path earring design: Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry


AntiquityTravelers said...

what a pretty design! I think I've tried this one before .... but didn't put the top stitch on it ... it will no doubt be gorgeous when you're done!

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