Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lukewarm on beading mags, but glad there's YouTube

I used to subscribe to just about every beading magazine and, when they went electronic, I'd buy the electronic and paper versions. But lately I have been a bit disappointed with the designs and haven't found much to motivate me to renew my subscriptions. There are so many new bead types and shapes, I never seem to have everything on the materials list and I'm really trying to use my stash before making new purchases.

Anyone else out there experience that? I find I get more inspiration from YouTube tutorials than from the beading mags, and my favorite "Tuber" bead artist is Stephanie from Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry. She consistently uploads new content which is a nice blend of easy-to-intermediate. Her instructions are excellent as is her pace of instruction. And her designs are wearable and stylish.

Link to BronzePony Beaded Jewelry YouTube Channel

I looked back over my old blog posts and found quite a few of Stephanie's designs. The caption under each photo takes you directly to the YouTube tutorial for that item.

Bronzepony Design: Interlace Pods Earrings

Bronzepony Design: Hematite Heaven Ring

Bronzepony Design: Summer Daze Earrings

Bronzepony Design: Summer Daze Necklace

Bronzepony Design: Tapestry Ring


Mary Redman said...

I feel the same way you do about all the new bead shapes. I don't think I will renew my subscriptions to all my beading magazines and will resort to looking through my old magazines to find patterns. I live in a small, rural community so I have to order most of my beads. I look at the new patterns in my beading magazines and I either don't have any of the beads or maybe one type but not the rest of them. I don't need the frustration of looking at beading patterns that I can't do or the expense of buying a multitude of new beads. Your earrings, necklace, and rings are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your jewelry!

Amy S. said...

Hi Paula! YES!!! I feel the same way. I will often still buy one at the book or craft store. But usually I preview it in the aisle and decide if there is anything in there that i would even try. And you are RIGHT. YouTube is a great resource. I have been enjoying Jill Wiseman and Off the Beaded Path recently, but I am definitely going to check out Stephanie. I am loving the look of the Summer Daze and the Interlace Pod earrings!

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