Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lukewarm on beading mags, but glad there's YouTube

I used to subscribe to just about every beading magazine and, when they went electronic, I'd buy the electronic and paper versions. But lately I have been a bit disappointed with the designs and haven't found much to motivate me to renew my subscriptions. There are so many new bead types and shapes, I never seem to have everything on the materials list and I'm really trying to use my stash before making new purchases.

Anyone else out there experience that? I find I get more inspiration from YouTube tutorials than from the beading mags, and my favorite "Tuber" bead artist is Stephanie from Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry. She consistently uploads new content which is a nice blend of easy-to-intermediate. Her instructions are excellent as is her pace of instruction. And her designs are wearable and stylish.

Link to BronzePony Beaded Jewelry YouTube Channel

I looked back over my old blog posts and found quite a few of Stephanie's designs. The caption under each photo takes you directly to the YouTube tutorial for that item.

Bronzepony Design: Interlace Pods Earrings

Bronzepony Design: Hematite Heaven Ring

Bronzepony Design: Summer Daze Earrings

Bronzepony Design: Summer Daze Necklace

Bronzepony Design: Tapestry Ring

Friday, February 2, 2018

When all else fails, make earrings!

I'm finally back to beading on a more regular schedule. I wanted to sink my needles into a challenging project and dug out this yummy design by LeAnn Boehman, saved from the August 2015 Bead & Button. And yes, this project just screams for fall weather and I am hoping I will be able to finish it in time for this year's autumnal equinox.

Autumnal Equinox Design by LeAnn Boehman, August 2015 Bead and Button

I had finished the below pendant almost two years ago, with the thought of using it for this design instead of the cabochon shown above. And, as (bad) luck would have it, I just couldn't find it in my trove. At least I took a picture of it, so I know it exists somewhere!

Long-lost earthstone cab

I dug in my cabochon stash and found this round stone that probably better serves the design. I do love the leafy fringe treatment. Now, I just need to keep track of it while I finish the neck strap.

And I wasn't joking when I said I was endeavoring to finish this by 2018 fall! While quite beautiful, the leafy fringe on the neck strap is making me crazy! The entire 10-inch strap is embellished with three leaves in between each core bead of the foundation spiral rope. Below are a little over two inches which took me about a month to complete.

With the postponed gratification of this work-in-progress, I turn to my old stand-by to get a feeling of accomplishment: EARRINGS! Thanks to AmyBeads who shared the below design for Orb Earrings, by Kelly from Off the Beaded Path. I liked this design so much that I made it in silver:

Orb Earrings: Design by Kelly from Off the Beaded Path

Then I made it in bronze:

And then I thought it would be a really pretty ring, so I made one of those:

I made a couple adjustments to the earring design for a slightly wider ring band and used 4mm bi-cones instead of 3mm.

Now I am ready to resume work of the never-ending Autumnal Equinox neck strap!

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