Monday, September 18, 2017

Beading adjustments

Sometimes even the best beading components need some adjustments. Take this super-cool ball chain I found at The Lipstick Ranch booth in Tucson this year. The rounds are 6mm and make a great way to show off some of their wonderful pendants and other components.

Here are the other items I purchased. I thought the pendant on the right would be a good complement to the chain. But I found it nearly impossible to open the ball chain closure. Ugh - I could never give as a gift unless the recipient never wanted to take it off. So back in my stash it went.

Then I thought of making an alternative closure using some 18 gauge craft wire and a large lobster clasp. It's not the prettiest but it sure is easier to close.

Ball chain with alternative closure

Here is the chain with the pendant.

My next adjustment wasn't as drastic. I just finished a rope using a super duo netting technique from Spoiled Rotten Beads. This makes a pretty chunky rope that is about 10mm in diameter. I decided to use the goddess component also from The Lipstick Ranch. After adding the pendant, the tiny hole on her neck looked weird to me like it was missing some embellishment. 

So  I created a little necklace for her which I secured with a couple of passes back and forth through the hole.

Now she is ready for her close-up!

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