Saturday, July 22, 2017

My splurge: Sizzix Big Shot Plus

Sizzix has been making a big push with Interweave to entice jewelry makers as a new audience for its Big Shot system, which has many fans in the card-making and scrapbooking world. When I visited Tucson earlier this year for the Gem and Mineral Show, there was a booth featuring the Big Shot Jewelry Studio. I have long been tempted to buy a die cutting machine but I always deferred thinking I spend enough money on my beading habit, why start a new one? But it kept calling my name until I finally broke down earlier this month and purchased the Big Shot Plus and the Jewelry Studio Conversion kit.

Like many other hobbies, the main tools are just the price of admission and then you have all the accessories. In the case of jewelry making, the accessories come in the form of dies which allow you to cut perfect objects.

I am proceeding slowly so I don't end up with a stock pile of materials I will never use but I did buy the Bigz Flower die shown here, thinking it would be versatile for paper crafting as well as jewelry.

I wanted to see how well the die would cut fabric so I put some scraps of ultra suede through the machine using the Bigz Flower die and riveted them to leather bracelet bases I had on hand. I no time at all, I came up with two bracelets I will be gifting to my nieces.

Candie Cooper has also been featuring the Sizzix Jewelry Studio on her blog and mentioned that Michaels Stores would start to carry many of the jewelry-making dies.

Candie Cooper Blog Article on Sizzix

I am guessing Candie will have some new articles on how to use certain dies along with design ideas so I will pop back once I make some new items.

Here is the Interweave Sizzix package that comes with a Big Shot machine and the platforms you will need to get started. It comes with the machine, a magazine with instructions for the design shown below, leather and the dies to make the design.

Interweave Big Shot Jewelry System and Add-ons

I decided to shop around and buy my items from different vendors. First, I opted to buy the Big Shot Plus thinking its larger size would be a bit more versatile and then purchased the Jewelry Studio Conversion Kit separately. I got my Big Shot Plus from which had a great sale and, because their warehouse is in Arizona, I was able to pick it up. Then I bought the Bigz Flower die from Sizzix and the Jewelry Studio Conversion Kit from Amazon. I did find that it pays to shop around unless you like to get started with a package system like the one Interweave is offering.



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