Friday, June 23, 2017

Cave Creek Beads and Crochet?

When my stepson got married three years ago, I knew their next milestone would be a baby. Remembering the beautiful baby items my mother used to crochet, I pulled out my old how-to-crochet books and began practicing. Most of my early efforts were crochet baskets covered in one of my posts last August. Earlier this year, we learned a baby was indeed onboard and this inspired a whole flurry of posts describing the baby shower.

What I held back were the first couple baby crochet items I made. Take a look at these ruffle booties and diaper cover.

The booties were from a christening set by IraRott who is one of my very favorite crochet designers. Her tutorials are fantastic and you will see another design further down.

The sweet little diaper cover is by Annoo Crochet and here is a link to her YouTube tutorial.

Now we have my all-time favorite so far. Dana's baby shower and the baby's room uses an elephant theme. So how could I resist this design for the Josephina the Elephant Rug by IraRott?

Josephina the Elephant, design by IraRott, crochet by Paula!

I sort of went crazy buying patterns from IraRott's store and made this one for my sister who shares a love of owls.

Retro Owl Rug, design by IraRott, crochet by Paula!

I've been crocheting so much, I think I developed crochet thumb, if there is such a thing. So I need to lay off for awhile and do some beading while I recover.


Mary Redman said...

All your crochet projects are adorable! You are so talented in so many ways!

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