Saturday, May 20, 2017

Three Grand-ma's and a Mommy-to-be

The baby count-down is underway. Our new granddaughter is due in about two months and festivities are in-progress. Last month, I talked about the baby shower plans and how Mommy-to-be selected this cute elephant as her theme.

I wanted to make some special pieces for Mommy-to-be and the grandma's. There are many ideas online about corsages out of ribbon. But beads are my wheelhouse and I was "strung up" on doing some kind of beading to commemorate the baby shower.

So I started with the elephant in mind and ordered these pendant findings. The caption links you to the Etsy seller but beware they are in China so leave plenty of time for shipment. I wanted large enough pendants so the design would be easy to see and had the idea to use them as a pin component with the tops of the pendants at the bottom to hold a dangle instead of a bail. I think the X's around the end look like hugs or kisses - whichever one the X is!

Etsy shop for AngelaDIYjewellery

Here's what they looked like after I had sized the design to fit in the pendant, sealed and then covered with resin.

And here's the finished pin. I love the lacy edge treatment, learned from a Jamie Cloud Eakin book, Dimensional Bead Embroidery. The link is to Jamie's web site in case you're not familiar with her amazing work.

I went with a simpler edge treatment for the Grandma pins mostly because I was worried that I would run out of beads. I made the little rosettes out of super duos with a 4mm crystal as the center.

And what would a session of beading be without some earrings? This design is inspired by Stephanie at BronzePony and her Summer Daze earrings. But I added the elephants and bi-cones in the center. As my brother once said, I know how to get a theme and run with it!

Next post, I'll share some of the items I made for new baby girl!



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such a sweet gift! hope the shower is wonderful

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