Friday, March 31, 2017

Closing out National Craft Month

Since March was National Craft Month, I thought it might be fun to close out the month by reminiscing about the various crafts that have engaged me over the years.

As a young girl, I watched one grandmother sew gorgeous outfits and another crochet and knit like a champ. I don't think I ever wore store-bought gloves until I was in high school. Does anyone remember the smell of wet wool as gloves lay on the radiators, drying from a day of playing in the snow? My mother could pretty much do it all: sewing, crochet, doll-making. The wedding dress she made me is still one of my life's great treasures.

Here's one of my grandmother's crocheted table clothes. I think this must be 40 years old and it is still beautiful. I used it regularly until we replaced our rectangular dining table with a round one.

In high school, I started embroidery and needlepoint and continued that into my early 20's. I made many beautiful wedding and baby keepsakes and wish I had thought to photograph them. Here's a more recent wedding keepsake I made for my step-son and his wife. The photo quality is a little fuzzy but one of my favorite things is the little beaded pocket in the left corner where I have stored a ring that belonged to his grandmother.

I didn't discover beading until my mid-40's. Can you say late bloomer? But what I lacked in early years of experience, I made up for in enthusiasm and in purchases! And now I have started to mash-up my passions. Photography, Photoshop, embroidery, beadwork and even a smattering of sewing here and there all combined like in the wedding gift for my cousin Anna.

And just like my Mother and Grandmother, my family and I are involving the next generation in learning the joy of making. Here's a photo from last fall where I joined my sister-in-law, a champion knitter, her mother, a champion quilter, and three nieces to craft away a week-end. Apologies to Te-te for catching her with her eyes closed. She's such a terrific quilter, she could probably do that with her eyes closed!

And speaking of my sister-in-law, she's also a champion cook. Here we see her with a yummy mid-crafting snack she just seemed to throw together. After all, crafting is hard work and we needed sustenance to finish our projects.



Pam said...

Looking forward to our next crafting get away and the shower to welcome baby girl kramer!

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