Sunday, January 29, 2017

January Beading Project: Swinging Starlets

Some beading projects are quick hits and can be completed over a week-end. Others are an investment in time. Such was the Swinging Starlets kit by Melanie Potter. I bought this kit in (gasp) early 2012, which shows the depth of my stash! I am a fan of Melanie's design and beading skills but her projects are more ornate than I typically wear. But every once in a while, I like to buy a kit or two to learn something new.

Anyone who has spent time beading knows the importance of engineering but jewelry wearers usually only appreciate it when there are issues with a piece. Maybe it doesn't sit right or it keeps getting tangled or the clasp is too difficult. On this particular piece, the necklace keeps flip-flopping and it's difficult to keep the star motifs facing in the proper direction. The starlets are beautiful - here's one in close-up.

But I guess they may be a little more substantial than the neck strap of square stitch can easily support without twisting. So I don't think I will gift this piece but I will definitely wear it. My favorite design element is the bead cap and tassel which I modified just a bit.

I added the 8 mm silver bead at the top. These were from a shipment of beads from my last year subscription to the Bargain Bead Box. I thought the color was a perfect match and decided to add it. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the other 39 beads in the string!

Oh, and if you noticed my logo watermark in the photos above, you can probably tell I am playing with Photoshop. I love learning new Photoshop techniques and one of the very best teachers is Linda Matthews from the Creative Cloth web site. She offers classes for a fee but also dispenses a lot of free advise and tutorials and the watermark technique is one of her free tutorials.


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