Saturday, September 17, 2016

Things change

My hubby is an avid sports fan. I knew this when we met but it was a somewhat guarded secret. Our first date was to the ballet. That was over 30 years ago and that was the last time we attended the ballet together. But that's ok. I just round up my girlfriends for those events. But when it comes to sporting events, that's a whole different universe. We have attended hundreds of sporting events over the years. Professional football, college football, college basketball, the College World Series when we were living in Omaha, professional baseball. And don't get me started on golf.

I have observed one thing about sports fans. They love the ritual... the ritual of preparing for the tailgate, where to park, what to wear, who to meet.... And many of those rituals become finely tuned. Such is the case with our parking and tailgate spot for Pitt football games.

When Pitt decided to tear down its stadium on campus to make room for other university buildings, it was like a death. We mourned the walk up heart attack hill (which I don't miss). We mourned the parking spot. We mourned the beautiful view looking over Oakland. But on the bright side, we moved to the spanking new Heinz Field where the Pittsburgh Steelers also play.

I mean how can this be bad?

Heinz Field - Pittsburgh, PA

But it took some adjustment. We had to find a new tailgate spot which just happened to be located beside the Partin' Panther-mobile. How can this be bad?

We were still able to enjoy our very nutritional tailgate meals. I know how this can be bad.

We still enjoyed the pre-game Pitt band festivities.

And met friends in rain or shine. But I much prefer the shine!

And just when we relaxed into our new routine.... horrors! We were  notified that Pitt was moving parking spots since construction had started in the lot where we had so many great times. (boo hoo) Here's our former parking location.

So it was with some anxiety that we settled into our new parking spot. As you can tell in the below shot, we are taking the change rather well - especially with Pitt's win last week-end.

So I salute the resilience of all sports fans who weather all manner of adversity in the support of their teams. In signing off, I'll offer a beady creation that I made last year as gifts for the fun women of Section 211 where we sit each Pitt football game.


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