Sunday, September 11, 2016

Gone fishing....once

No, I haven't gone fishing. In fact, fishing wouldn't even make the top 1,000 on my bucket list. There's something about the combination of the smell and the worms and the bugs that just doesn't appeal. And that makes me feel close to my Dad who is shown with his brother, Jim, in this photo that I just love.

Gone fishing...... once!

This photo is probably from around 1940. It makes me smile just to see the two brothers posing with their fishing rods. My Dad was such an active man, fishing never held much attraction for him. The only time I remember him talking about fishing was relating the time he and his brother went to a near-by watering hole, got all set up and hunkered down to wait for the fish to bite. After about five minutes, my Dad looked at his brother and said, "are you having fun?" My uncle shook his head no so up they popped, returned home to stow away their fishing poles and went to play baseball instead. This must have been that day.

But since this is a beading blog, I can try to tie in the water theme with the necklace I made using a pendant from an Andrew Thornton kit. I think if my Dad and uncle had run into a mermaid at their watering hole, they might have been more avid fishermen.


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