Friday, August 26, 2016

Some projects are just #!@#!@#!@

I think you get my drift. Some projects just seem to give me fits where I vow to throw the whole thing out the window. This Greensleeves Collar design was such a project but I am so glad the stubborn side of me persisted because the finished result is pretty special.

This project had been sitting in my to-do pile for several years so that probably should have told me something. The design, by Jill Devon, was from the 2010 Beadwork Magazine. It requires quite a few different types of beads - triangles, size 11/0's, drops and 4 mm bi-cones so it took me a little time to round everything up but then I just kept deferring until a month or two ago when I took it with me on a trip.

The whole necklace uses right angle weave, which I don't do very often, so this was a great way to hone those skills. The first part of the necklace was great fun. You make the back straps and the connecting modules. But once I got to the front section, I was in trouble. You make a series of four graduating strands of right angle weave and have to take care that the strands don't get twisted when you are connecting the right side of the necklace to  the left side. Seems simple enough, eh?


Despite all the care I took to make sure they were straight, I finished the fourth strand only to hold it up, try it on and discover ##@@!@! they were twisted! Arghhhhhh. Yes, I had to rip them all out and start over.

Determined not to be outsmarted by a couple of teeny beads, I pulled out my macrame board and decided to mount the strands on the board to help keep everything aligned while I was fastening off the strands.

I took a little comfort when I noticed another beader had similar frustration with the design. I don't agree that the design itself is flawed but I do think Jill could have added extra emphasis to the caution about the twisting strands in the tutorial.

I held my breath as I connected the last strand. Yes! (fist pump) They were straight!

Yay! Straight strands!
This picture doesn't really capture how pretty it looks when it is on. I think it would look great with an open collar blouse.

Here's one of my favorite features of this necklace. I used multi-color triangles in the middle strands and they really give the necklace a more playful feel and also allow it to go with multiple looks.

The tribulations and rewards of this design remind me of the famous Winston Churchill quote and the expression on his face below was a lot like mine about half way through this project.


AntiquityTravelers said...

oh I hear you! graduating strands, and twisting ... ack! But you did a fabulous job with this! I can imagine how lovely it is on. I remember this necklace (seeing it in the magazine) and have wanted to try it too. But RAW isn't really my friend.

Amy S. said...

Paula!I just loved this post....from the sentiment in the subject line to the triumph of completion!! Your version looks absolutely gorgeous! (also Happy Belated Birthday!!!)

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