Saturday, July 9, 2016

Here's to great beady engineering

One of my favorite things about trying new designs is seeing just how the bead artist engineered the piece. Even if it's not a design I would wear, I learn so much and often incorporate bits, pieces and techniques into later pieces I make. Such was the case with the All Buckled Up Bracelet by Donna Sutton, from the February 2016 BeadAndButton.

I've been loving super duos this year and had a bit of a stash from other projects. Be aware that this design also uses 130 3mm bicones, which I did have to order. The clasp is super-cool - how's that for a technical term?

Here we see a close-up of the clasp which consists of a right angle weave buckle unit that is secured onto the bracelet with a peyote strip.

And when you open it, you see the hook and eye unit that enables the closure. This hook and eye is one that you typically find in sewing; I have not seen it used in bead work before and thought it was ingenious!

Here's to a very clever piece of engineering by Donna Sutton!


AntiquityTravelers said...

wow! what a great design and I love the colors you used for yours. that is beautiful

Amy S. said...

I often marvel at how much of beading is actually pretty terrific engineering. I once did a cubic raw piece and my son marveled over the engineering so much he asked me to make him a piece in more 'masculine' colors. And then he went on to state you could 'build anything' with that method! I love this bracelet and agree the engineering on this piece is 'super cool'!!! I love your version and the colorway you selected!

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