Saturday, June 11, 2016

Taking super duos in a new direction

Did you ever notice that most bracelets made with super duo beads run the beads in a parallel direction to the sides of the bracelet?

Like this:

And this:

I guess the turn is easier to do from this vantage point. So I was especially intrigued when I found this design for super duos running perpendicular to the bracelet.

Mystery Bracelet from Linda's Crafty Inspirations Blog

Apparently, there was a lot of bead chatter around this design attributed to Pascale G-Mikovic and discovered by Deb Roberti. With Pascale's permission and some limited guidance, Deb and Linda were able to reverse engineer the design and come up with instructions. After I made my first one, I compared it to Linda's design and discovered that I made an error in the bead direction and the second bracelet above is what resulted. Because the thread is showing on the sides of the end super duos, this is technically a beading no-no. I still like it. But I still wanted to make Linda's design so I started over and read the directions more carefully - usually a good idea.

So here's how you set up your first row.

Once that is done, it's a pretty simple repeat of right angle weave with a turn at the end, repeated for how wide you want your design. I really like the look of a wider cuff and made mine with five rows of super duos. I also came up with my own finishing approach and used decreasing rows of super duos to taper the ends with one end for the button attachment and the other for the loop. I really like this particular super duo loop closure and plan to use it on my future super duo designs.

I'm so grateful to Deb and Linda for sharing their instructions and especially to Pascale for coming up with this wonderful variation!


AntiquityTravelers said...

beautiful design! I love the colorway of this one!

Pam said...

I'm grateful, too, because I'm pretty sure that last one is my birthday bracelet! Love!

Amy S. said...

I have a serious aversion to super duos but I really want to like them!! This looks pretty neat so I may have to try it with the stash I've amassed not liking them!! haha!

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