Sunday, June 19, 2016

Resilient resin

Actually, the title should be Resilient Me from pursuing resin creations after some early fails. I guess that is the mantra of learning. Failure implies progression through the learning curve. Anyhoo, my latest resin creation incorporates one of my all-time favorite quotes.

I found these Tim Holtz frames and scanned them into Photoshop so I could re-size my quote photo to fit inside. I sealed the photos since I printed them on my inkjet and they would turn into a runny mess otherwise.

Then I applied some Swelligant to liven up the frame and placed the sealed photo into the first layer of resin.

The photo edge looked a little rough so I added a ball chain surround with a second coat of resin. Much better!

Here's another resin project that came out pretty well. It started with these heart shapes I found at Michael's. They sat for awhile waiting for inspiration to strike.

And then I saw these orphan teeny seashells in a drawer where I left them when I realized they didn't have holes for beading. I'm glad I saved them.

I arranged the seashells into the heart shapes, sprinkled in some random seed beads and then added the resin.

To finish, I put them on a ball chain to make great beach jewelry for my two nieces.


Amy S. said...

Those heart/shell pieces are great beach jewelry to be sure!!! And I love what you did with the ball chain to disguise the rough edge on the quote piece! Clever gal!!

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