Sunday, June 19, 2016

Art Jewelry Adventure Class #8: Tina Holden's Polymer Clay Necklace

I’ve been taking the Art Jewelry Adventure series of classes this year and blogging about my more significant learnings and fails. Tina Holden was the instructor of the 8th class, which was the third so far this year to use polymer clay. Here’s Tina with the class project, a polymer clay bib necklace with kumihimo straps: lovely!

Now I am a newbie to polymer clay and my first two classes resulted in pieces that more resembled science experiments than jewelry. The most important thing I had to do was calibrate the toaster oven I used to bake the pieces. It was running very hot and was scorching just about everything. I also watched many YouTube tutorials which offered great suggestions. So thus armed, I started my third foray into polymer clay. This piece uses a really interesting technique of creating a bead fringe on a separate piece of fabric which is then sandwiched between two layers of polymer clay. Ingenious!

So here’s the top layer. Don’t judge - I know there’s lots of room for improvement. The triangle centerpiece was created by another artist and was part of a big polymer purchase I made on eBay several years ago. This seemed to be a good place to use it.

Then here’s the bead fringe layer. Since beads are right in my wheel house, I just loved this part and used the purple center dangle from an old Andrew Thornton kit. The purple rondelles were from my April Bargain Bead Box shipment.

Here’s how it looks from the front after the final surface treatments.

And from the back:

You're supposed to sign it using a stamp or a piece of cane and, since I had neither, I just used a piece from a business card embedded in liquid Sculpey. Here's the finished piece from the front:

Things I liked about this experience:

  • I didn’t scorch my clay: Yay! 
  • Loved the idea of sandwiching the fringe between the polymer layers. I would use that technique again. 
  • Loved the shape of the bib with the added fringe and decided to try that on a different piece. Here’s a sneak preview. 

As far as Art Jewelry Class #8 goes, Tina is a great instructor and I give this class an A+.


Amy S. said...

I am LOOOOOOOOOVING your work with polymer clay!! I love how you combined the other polymer piece, and of course added some strung beads to bring it all together with a format you know and love. Great tip on calibrating the oven by the way!

Tina Holden said...

this is a while ago now, but just landed here. You did a fabulous job!! Thanks so much for having taken this class. By now you probably have learned a lot more. Calibrating oven, using thermometer and perhaps even 'tenting' a piece with a piece of aluminum. Thanks so much for having shared this...

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