Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bargain Bead Box Creation: Rainforest Earrings

Earlier this year, I enrolled in a bead subscription service that I wrote about in this post.

The service is called Bargain Bead Box and, while it's great fun to get packages of beads in the mail, it's a little overwhelming when you didn't order them for anything specific. I guess some folks like the challenge of coming up with creative uses but for me, they have just been piling up.... literally. It's amazing how quickly a month goes by and a new package arrives in my mail box.

Guilt got the better of me and I decided I should do something.... anything.... with one of the shipments. So I dug out the March goodies and selected something from bag #2.

I made some wire-wrapped dangles that I connected to silver chain links and combined them with some polymer clay leaves I had on hand to come up with these Rainforest Earrings.

Rainforest Earrings

While I was a bit lukewarm on the February and March shipments, I really like the beads in the April and May packages and will write about those as soon as I get some creative inspiration and make something with them!


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