Sunday, May 15, 2016

Art Jewelry Adventure Class #5: Bead Crochet

We moved back into my comfort zone for the fifth class in the Art Jewelry Adventure Series: bead crochet! yay! The instructor was Olga Poltavets who dabbles in a couple different media including polymer clay as well as bead crochet.  Here is a screenshot to Olga's Facebook page along with the link:

Link to Olga's Facebook Page

The class was for a crochet rope made into a bangle or bracelet with a traditional closure. I think bead crochet is a pretty tricky enterprise. I took a class at my local bead shop a couple years ago and don't know how well I would have done learning online. Olga uses larger beads and yarn in her instructional video, which is a good place to start, but she never covers tips for moving to smaller beads and thinner crochet thread, which is the real tricky business. If there were bead crochet newbies in the crowd, I think they may have had trouble with the transition.

Olga did offer a kit for the class but for once, I had everything I needed on hand.

Anyhoo - here is my rope. Pretty basic.

I decided to use a beaded bead I made as the focal and went in search of bead caps. And just as I was getting ready to order some, I found a tutorial online for these adorable bead caps.

Link to Bead Caps Tutorial
The bead cap tutorial is in Russian but is very easy to follow. Using the copper-color super duos gives them a metal appearance.

And here is the finished bangle:

The class was first-rate and Olga was a great instructor. She even offered a bonus section on making designs for bead crochet. My only suggestion was to spend more time on how to transition to the smaller beads and threads.

Here is a list of all the Art Jewelry Adventure classes I have taken with links to their blog posts.


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