Friday, April 1, 2016

Spiky wonders

We just had the opportunity to host some guests who were marveling at the rugged scenery out our back door. They were hoping to see some desert critters and were about 12 hours too early to witness these visitors to our watering dish.


These odd looking creatures are javelina and, if you're wondering what that is - they are a peccary. Now do you feel enlightened? While some people think they are wild pigs, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission says they are hoofed mammals originating in South America. All I know is they are the reason we have to keep bungie cords on the lids of our garbage cans, else they will topple them over and leave a big old mess in our side yard. I think they look like porcupines on legs and love how they travel in herds, usually with a baby or two bringing up the rear.

So in the spirit of all things spiky, I thought I would share a necklace that was actually years in the making. Well, not exactly years in the making but at least four years between when I got the beads and when I used them. They were part of a surprise bundle from A Grain of Sand who was offering a special in 2012 and, for $100, you received a huge box of all things beading for three months in a row. It wasn't my best beading purchase. I got a lot of stuff that I didn't use, most of which has gone on to some other beader's stash. These sea urchin spikes came from one of the shipments and, according to the package, were made popular by the show Project Runway.

I took one look and put them in the bottom of a drawer only to stumble upon them the other day. Something possessed me to give them a try and here's the result.

Javalina Necklace

I spaced them with some really cool 4mm rounds with a rough brown coating and then finished them off with some chunky spacer beads that was part of an impulse buy from Michaels. Think I will name this my Javalina Necklace.

Do you have any stories about using materials you thought you'd never use?


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