Friday, April 15, 2016

Expressions of sympathy

It's so hard when someone close loses a loved one. It seems that gifts of flowers are becoming more discouraged in favor of contributions to a charity. But somehow that doesn't seem as personal as I would like. I usually turn to some form of beaded gift as an additional memento, just to let the recipient know that I took extra time and care to create a memorial of their loved one.

I think most of us have made rosaries and below are two recent rosary creations. The first is a traditional chain linked rosary with an Our Lady of Guadalupe centerpiece I found on Etsy. The second design is so unique and is by Ruby Lockwood who provided a tutorial on how to make this beaded rosary on YouTube. Beware - it takes about 10-15 grams of 11/0 beads and a good amount of time but I love the appearance.

Ruby Lockwood Tutorial

But I think my very favorite is the Charlcie's Cross tutorial I purchased several years ago. Here are two color-ways I recently made:

I have made this design many, many times. The Juelle's Design tutorial doesn't call for a backing but I always stitch the final cross to a piece of Nicole's Bead Backing and then cover that with a piece of Ultrasuede which I stitch to the bead backing with a brick stitch. This along with a decorative jump ring I add to the top gives the cross more body so that the recipient can hang it on the wall. My finishing touch is a little charm stitched to the center.


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