Friday, April 8, 2016

Bargain Bead Box: Jury's still out....

I bet some of the readers out there will remember these:

For those of you too young to remember, these are the old-fashioned version of loyalty points, typically given out by grocery stores and gasoline stations. My mother would buy so many groceries each week, she'd come home with a fist-full which I would get to lick and paste in collection booklets. After you saved oh.... about 100 books, you could redeem them for something cool.

I got the same sense of excitement waiting for my first Bargain Bead Box (aka B3) to arrive. I first learned about B3 from a couple YouTube video mavens who were reviewing their packages. For $15.95 each month, B3 sends a surprise collection that arrives not in a box but in a snappy teal envelope. Inside are three smaller bags labeled 1, 2, 3.

Each shipment comes with a description of what's inside along with the retail value.

Here we see the description for February:

And for March:

The boxes are curated around a particular type of bead or theme and the theme for February was Queen of the Nile including a healthy assortment of lapis lazuli and lapis-like items along with gold tone findings.

The gold tone findings kind of threw me off since I am mostly a silver girl. And I didn't get any rushes of inspiration to run into my bead room and make up the beads. On the whole, the beads were nice and I will likely use them at some point. Not sure about the findings yet.

Then the March box arrived and I felt a little better.

As you can see, it contained lots of silver findings and a varied assortment of pretty green beads. You may not be able to see them real well but the first bag contained some darling shamrock charms and, if I hadn't been committed to another project, I would have made something for St. Patrick's Day. Oh well - next year.

Would I have bought any of these items if I had been shopping on my own? Probably very few but I do think it's good to shop outside your comfort zone occasionally and broaden your beady horizons. You can discontinue the shipments any time you like so I'll probably keep them coming for another month or two before deciding.

That little girl with the S&H green stamps really enjoys seeing what arrives in the postal box each month!


AntiquityTravelers said...

I remember these! I used to lick them and fill out the books for my mom. I remember when the program was ending and my mom was frantically trying to fill out the rest of the books so she would have enough to redeem! thanks for the memory! totally forgot about that. Lovely bead packages - can't wait to see what you do with your new found treasures :)

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