Friday, March 4, 2016

Superduo bracelet mash-up

I've been grooving on superduo beads this Spring and came across a tutorial by Jill Wiseman that used leather to embellish an even-count peyote strip. I liked the fresh, clean look of the leather but didn't care for the clasp closure. There was just too much space between the end of the peyote and the start of the clasp shown in the screen shot below. I have also linked over to the tutorial in the caption of the photo if you'd like to give it a try. Jill's tutorials are always so clear and professional.

Jill Wiseman's Hippy Chick Bracelet

So I decided to come up with my own variation. I created the superduo strip but then added brick-stitched triangle ends on each side to allow the bracelet to narrow at the closure. I folded the leather in half to create a loop and secured the loop with the bracelet's working thread. The Fireline working thread really helped to hold it securely.

Then, I referred to Jill's video for instructions on attaching the leather to the peyote strip. It's pretty simple - you come up out of an end superduo bead, take your working thread around the leather and go down through the second hole in the same superduo. Then you weave through the beads to get to the next superduo and repeat down the side. Affix both sides of the leather piece so that when you arrive at the other triangle tip, you have both end pieces of the leather strip to secure the button closure with a single overhead knot to which I added a dab or two of Super New Glue. And here's how it turned out:


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