Friday, March 11, 2016

More fun with supremos

Spellcheck is usually wonderful except when it keeps correcting "superduos" to "supremos". Well I have been on a run with superduos aka supremos for a couple weeks.

I really fell in love with the superduo heart I wrote about in January and decided to make up one as a pendant, accented with a sweet metal heart. To stiffen up the peyote heart, I dipped it in a little Future floor wax (a technique I learned for beaded snowflakes) and let it dry on wax paper.

Here's another look:

I thought I would play around a bit more with the heart design to see if it would work as a bail. It was easy to do - instead of making the two top arches for the heart, I just finished the top as a mirror of the bottom and then folded it over, securing a jump ring inside.

I then went on a search for a toggle set using superduos and found one on YouTube by Honeybeads. The circular part of the toggle worked out well but I didn't care for the toggle itself and just happened to glance over at a pattern I had saved for a bangle, necklace and earring set by Michelle McEnroe from the February 2014 BeadAndButton. Eureka! The superduo segments made perfect toggles.

For the necklace rope, I used one of my favorite go-to rope designs by Kristen Stevens. And here's how it all came together.

I sure love those supremo beads!


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