Friday, March 25, 2016

Love my Passion Planner

I know what you might be thinking and it is probably similar to my hubby's reaction when he saw my credit card charge for "Passion Planner." At first he thought our credit card had been hacked. I reassured him that no, that was my charge and no, I did not have a boyfriend (other than him). And, no, Passion Planner is not something that needs to be shipped in a brown paper envelope. Passion Planner is the brainchild of Angelia Trinidad. It is a real, physical calendar that creates fans out of organization junkies like me and just about anyone who is following a dream. I read about it on the Beaducation web site and was intrigued. So, even though it was February and we were already six weeks into 2016, I decided to buy one.

From the outside, it looks like any old normal bound calendar:

But when you look inside, you realize the time and care Angelia put into creating such a wonderful tool, starting with an introduction where she shares the Passion Planner story.

I love the inspirational quotes included in each's week's layout.

One of the first exercises is building your Passion Roadmap. I have done exercises like this in my corporate life but tend to only plan out a year or so at a time in my personal life. Passion Planner has you think out a bit further than that: 3 years and Lifetime!

I have always recorded my completed beading projects but use the Monthly Section to do that now. Each day, I make a quick notation of what I worked on and when I finish something, I highlight it in yellow so I can track how much time something takes to complete. In the lower right section, I keep track of my blog topics.

I use the Weekly Section to track my to-do's for the week along with activities and accomplishments, making the planner a cross between a calendar and a journal. I love how there are separate sections for personal and work to-do's.

So just when you think electronics have put a stake in the physical planner industry, someone like Angelia comes along and reminds us why the physical act of writing is so therapeutic and productive.

I selected the basic black version but there are some fun color options (like turquoise - yummy) and options that don't have dates. I just bought one for a friend who is retiring and think she will have a great time planning her great expanse of free time.


AntiquityTravelers said...

ha! what a great name, and yes I do this for work but never thought of doing it for beading. what a wonderful idea

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