Saturday, February 6, 2016

Solving big and small problems

We are just finishing repairs on a kitchen disaster that occurred while we were away last fall. Our ice maker hose, which was run up high in our kitchen bulkhead, sprung a leak right over our cook top so that by the time it was discovered, the damage inside the wall had been done and our cooktop was ruined. In fact the force of the water was so great it caused the wood in the surrounding cabinets to swell and crack the granite. ugh. Here's just one of the many photos taken by our friend and contractor, Walt Householder (isn't that a great name for a handy person?).

It took quite a long while to get back to normal. We had to let everything dry out and then the drywall was repaired. Next came picking new granite (how overwhelming) and then waiting for that to be fabricated. Walt helped us select a new cooktop which sat in our garage for two months while all the repairs were taking place. How did we manage meals without the cooktop? Thankfully, our oven is a separate unit as well as our outside grill. But we still missed our cooktop, especially over Thanksgiving and Christmas. I found this snappy little appliance at Walmart and it has been a saving grace. We have made just about everything in this thing: boiled eggs and noodles, cooked ground beef and even made applesauce.

So in the spirit of necessity being the Mother of Invention, I present to you my George Constanza wallet! It doesn't quite qualify since George's wallet had a rubber band securing all of its contents in place. But fans of Seinfeld will know what I mean. I love my wallet and did not want to buy a new one when I lost the little pull-thingy on the change compartment. For a long time, I got by with a safety pin in place of the pully-thingy and then I felt embarrassed. So beading to the rescue! I made this cute little dangle out of some 18-gauge craft wire and beads. I like it better than the original.


Mary Redman said...

Great post! I even read it to my husband! He has a rubber band wallet.

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

Hi there, Mary - I'm so glad I gave you and hubby a chuckle. Thanks for letting me know!

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