Saturday, February 27, 2016

Read challenge directions carefully!

I really enjoy participating in beading challenges. It's a chance to interact with other bead artists and I find it fascinating how different people respond to the same prompt. So far, my favorite challenge sponsors have been Andrew Thornton, Sally Russick and Therese Frank. I decided to branch out a bit when I read about the Firefly design challenge sponsored by Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio. Michelle offered a kit in two color ways and I selected the brown-blue combination shown below.

The paisley components are gorgeous but I really struggled with how to best use them... necklace... bracelet? I think earrings were out - they would require very sturdy earlobes. I looked at a few books I had laying around, one happened to be on wire work. So I decided to join them together using some hand-crafted wire work pieces.

I finished my piece in plenty of time only to later read that we were to make three pieces: necklace, bracelet and earrings. Darn! I actually liked the way the necklace turned out and didn't want to take it apart and start over so I just went with it.

There were sure some amazing creations but I learned my lesson. Read and re-read challenge directions before the tools come out!


Karin Slaton said...

What a fabulously fun design, Paula. (I couldn't have disassembled it either!)

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