Friday, February 19, 2016

Art Jewelry Adventure Class #1

Last year, I signed up for a year-long, on-line Art Jewelry Adventure that started last month.

Hosted by Kira and Ilysa, shown below, the adventure consists of a series of classes usually held every other week featuring different jewelry-making techniques.

Class #1 was held on January 28 and was a live class which pretty much oriented us to the web site and the upcoming events. Classes are a mix of live events (which always hold the surprise of unexpected technical and other glitches) and recorded events.

In my earlier blog post about the class, I grumbled a bit about all the new stuff I had to buy. But once I got to the first class, I was sure glad I did since the tools made all the difference to being able to finish the piece shown below.

Here is instructor Cat Kerr.

Cat sure put us through our paces and I learned six techniques that I never, ever used before:

  • First time using embossing powder (fun!)
  • First time riveting
  • First time drilling (yikes!)
  • First time letter stamping
  • First time soldering (smelly)
  • First time using patina (a little scary)
Cat's instruction made all of these firsts very achievable. We build a multi-panel piece with the first panel using a wood base and riveting, the second panel using a brass base on which we soldered an arrow and did letter stamping and the last panel was plexiglass to cover any photo we wanted and sewed to a fabric sandwich for added texture. Then all the panels were drilled with top holes and connected by some wire work. It was really, really fun. My theme was Joy*Family*Legacy and I incorporated the family portion by using a photograph of my Mother as a young girl with her father looking quite dashing in his straw hat. The below collage shows a quick progression of the panels.

In summary, I give Cat Kerr's class an A for amount of learning (at least for me) and quality of instruction. This week was class #2 with Erika Sandor and features bead weaving - right up my alley! As soon as my piece is finished, I'll return with a summary.


Shel said...

Oh wow - what a cool series of classes these should be over the year! All those firsts and your piece looks like you're an old pro!! I love it! I'm a bit envious, you're drenched in the AZ sun and you're tools/beads are all around - I'm in central Illinois again and my 'beauties' are all packed in bins. But this is making me want to create something nice on this beautiful Sunday! :-) Thanks for the inspiration!

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