Saturday, January 16, 2016

Yay! A wedding!

My niece, Mariah, is getting married this June. She will be the first of our 20 nieces and nephews to marry and I have a suspicion our social schedule will be quite filled with showers, weddings and other festivities for the next 15 years or so!

I decided to start a tradition to offer to make my nieces their bridesmaids' jewelry. These past couple months, Mariah and I have chatted about her colors and her bridesmaids' dresses. Since we live across the country from each other, much of our communication is electronic. Thank goodness for photos. In the below collage on the right you see her colors and the bridesmaid's dress.

I decided to make ten samples so she could pick her favorite. Below is a collage of the 10. Over the next couple months, I will feature a few of my favorites leading up to the big day when you will get to see the one she chose.

This twisted peyote design was my favorite. This was my design, inspired by the technique in Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes book. I just love the movement of twisted peyote and the front loop closure gives it a different look, along with an embellished rivoli for a little extra bling.


Amy S. said...

Hi Paula! How funny - I am doing precisely the same thing, except it is for my stepdaughter!!! I am doing earrings and bracelets since they'll all have different necklines for their dresses. I just uploaded a bunch of photos - hopefully I'll get a blog post done one of these days. All these choices are gorgeous! I'm sure she will have a hard time deciding and when it's all done, they will have a truly unique piece of jewelry! So fun!

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