Sunday, January 3, 2016

A new class, a new arsenal of supplies!

I've been beading for about eight years and, in that time, have spent a small fortune on beads, tools, wire, threads, magazines, books, classes, tutorials, storage solutions - you get the idea. I think this makes me a pretty typical devotee. I remember my Mother's passion for sewing. Over the years, she amassed enough fabric to outfit a small store. And then she migrated over to crochet and baskets of yarn popped up throughout our house in the most unexpected places. I take some comfort that my beads and supplies take up less room than fabric and yarn. But just when I think I have reached the point when I might have everything I need for a new project, another artistic dimension grabs me by the wallet and takes me down another road to poverty.

I find myself in such a place as I prepare to start my Art Jewelry Adventure online class later this month. There is a terrific web site with a calendar detailing the dates for 25 different sessions - about two classes each month -- along with the materials list for each class. With excitement, I opened the first materials list for Cat Kerr's class. Uh-oh. See all the yellow highlights on the list below? These are all the items I don't have. So I have been busy doing my comparison shopping and giving several Etsy sellers some post-holiday business.

I invite you to follow along this journey with me. I promise it won't be all whining. The first session is in 25 days so stay tuned. Hopefully, I will have completed my shopping list by then!


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