Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Custom Gift Envelopes for Procrastinating Elves

OK - two days before the big gift-giving event for many of us. Is anyone still in gift searching mode? Ours are pretty easy as we have given gifts of money to our nieces and nephews for many years. But I usually look for a cute way to package the bills and this year wanted some small envelopes that I could tuck inside a mini stocking. When I went in search of envelopes, I really didn't like much of the selection and bought this instead. It's an envelope punch board - the one on top in the photo below. I also bought a gift box punch board but more about that in another post.

Then I needed some pretty paper. I love the designs on some of our wrapping paper but it was too thin. Then I got the idea to affix a piece of normal printer paper to the back of the wrapping paper and voila - problem solved. I made up some great seasonal paper for pennies. Here's a look at the process. I just sprayed fixative to the back of the paper which I sat on a large garbage bag and allowed to dry.

Then I followed the instructions on the envelope punch board to get the size of envelope I wanted. This was the smallest one. Here's the output.

Then I folded and added the all-so-important contents and inserted it in these cute mini stockings. I bought the stockings but if you are feeling really creative, you could make them too! I even made some matching gift tags out of the left-over paper.

There you have it! A pretty way to package a gift that is always the right size!

Happy Holidays!


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