Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tribute to an Amazing Bead Artist

I just saw Bead&Button's tribute to Justyna Szlezak who sold her wonderful beading designs as Eridhan on Etsy. Her store is still open, renamed In Memory of Eridhan so her designs will live on and continue to provide beading inspiration. The Bead&Button tribute features photos of Justyna's designs submitted by other bead artists and it made me recall my first introduction to Justyna, through one of the Time to Stitch challenges hosted by Therese and Christine in January of this year. Therese had offered Justyna's design as an example of a peyote word chart and I was so taken by it, I purchased a four-pack and made them all.

The Desert Rose design was featured in the June 2015 Bead&Button issue but my favorite was the Twisted Triangle which I used in the below pendant.

When you read the tributes to Justyna from other beaders, most start by saying, "I didn't know Justyna except through her bead designs....." Well what an incredible legacy she has left to us.


Liz E said...

I don't get Bead and Button so I want to thank you for posting this tribute. I went to the link you provided and it was amazing to see all those different color variations of her designs. Indeed she has left an amazing legacy.

Amy S. said...

Paula - that is also when I was introduced to Justyna. It was so sad to hear of her passing. I have the dessert rose tutorial that I can't wait to tackle. I love what you did with the twisted triangle design!

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