Saturday, September 12, 2015

JTV Rock Star Designer

Anyone watching this? I stumbled upon JTV Rock Star Designer in my YouTube surfing and am hooked. It's a reality series featuring jewelry artists competing for a contract with Jewelry Television to create and sell a jewelry line. Each week, the artists are given various materials and a limited amount of time to create pieces. They are then evaluated for design appeal, marketability and for each contestant's show-personship. The show started in July but all of the back episodes are on YouTube.

And in my own corner of the jewelry world, I have a new science experiment underway. Below is a photo of a prickly pear cactus berry. I thought it would  make a beautiful focal component preserved in resin. I inserted a cocktail straw through each berry as a channel for beading wire and to give it some support while the resin is drying. It's hardening as we speak and soon, I'll show a photo of the "resined" berry.


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