Saturday, September 19, 2015

97 Days to Christmas!

I missed the 100 day count but better late than never. Yes, the holidays are right around the corner. And each year about this time, I start my annual ornament-fest. I try to find a particular pattern that lends itself to pretty fast work-up, buy my supplies and go to town. This year, I decided to take a slight departure from my normal beaded creations. I found this tutorial on Pinterest for making photo keepsakes using crystals and photos. Then I turned to eBay to track down the crystals and purchased 30 of this design that I liked even better than the style used in the tutorial. They are even on sale today! This link takes you directly to the seller's eBay shop if you are interested.

Then I had to figure out what photos I wanted to use and get them in the right shape to affix to the back of the crystal. To set up the photo shape, I scanned the crystal and then used Photoshop to fill in the shape to use as a mask. If you have not worked with Photoshop masks, you could just use your editing software to reduce your selected photos. Then make a template by tracing around your crystal and use the template to trace around your photos.

Here's what one of my photo sheets looked like.

And here's what a batch of my finished ornaments looks like!


Amy S. said...

What a fun idea!!! These look amazing!! Yesterday, I just put on my beading to-do list "snowflakes" and "xmas tree earrings" because I want to get ahead of the game too. We'll see.....

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