Sunday, August 16, 2015

Face your fears: Wirework!

I know, this is a pretty dramatic title for something that should be fairly simple. But I seem to have missed the wirework gene when the beading fairies got me started on my creative journey. Oh, I can get by alright but would never purposely seek out a primarily wirework design or even buy the latest issue of Wirework Magazine. But I got tired of waiting for orders of ear wires and never having just the right color on hand. So I faced my fears and bought a couple books, took a Craftsy class and practiced a lot. Here are a few of the results. I'm by no means in the running for the Wirework Hall of Fame but I am pretty darn happy making my own ear wires.

These two pieces use the same chain motif and actually helped me integrate a couple focal beads that hadn't inspired any earlier designs.

Then I really got crazy and wire-wrapped a tricky bead that was ill-suited for a traditional pendant due to a hole that was off-center.

And lastly some of my ear wires.

I've enjoyed the process so much that I ordered a couple books and some more wire this week-end.


Karin Slaton said...

Yep, wire is like that - every bit as addicting as beads! I love how you used wire in both the focal beads in your necklaces. It can bring such an elegant solution to a design problem. This week-end I needed a 2.5mm jump ring that would fit through a size 11 seed bead in order to finish an earring project. A scrap length of 24-ga. copper coiled around a sewing-machine screwdriver got it done!

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