Monday, July 20, 2015

Pretty Peyote Bail

I love hand-crafted findings. They give pieces a more organic, custom feel and can also help save money. I learned what has become my go-to technique from Laura McCabe's book Embellished Beadweaving but I think it's a pretty standard technique.

Over the years, I've made a few bails but not nearly as many as toggle closures. Recently, I finished a beaded rope using a wonderful technique by Kristen Stevens on the Art Jewelry Elements blog. Isn't this a fun rope pattern? It works up really quickly once you get the hang of the thread path.

I wanted to use a Steeler pendant but needed a bail and had a triangle shape in mind. When I looked online for ideas none were quite what I had in mind. I wanted something fairly simple and on the smaller side. So I decided to come up with my own. This technique is probably documented out there somewhere but I couldn't find it. It is super-easy. Just make two triangles with one having one more row so you can zip them together on the "top" of the bail.

Here's what my hand-crafted findings looked like.

And here's the finished piece.

The bail is dual-purpose since it can be easily slipped over the toggle portion of the necklace so the rope can be worn with or without it. I was going to work up a quick tutorial for anyone who might be interested so leave me a quick reply and I'll be sure to notify you when it's done.


Carolyn said...

It looks like I am the first that is interested in your pattern.

I like your toggle also. Is that from Laura's book?

Love the necklace. Have to try making one myself.

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

Hi Carolyn, I will notify you when the pattern is done. Probably in two weeks - just because I have some company coming this week-end and won't have time to work on it. Yes, the toggle is from Laura's book but I embellished it a bit. It's a basic circle form with a peyote tab. Thanks for posting!

Amy S. said...

What a great necklace!!! Makes me think about doing something similar here in New England but for the Patriots... Awesome work.

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