Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Favorite Beading Surface

Occasionally I toy with the idea of ordering one of those fancy beading mats with the padded fabric frames but then I look at the prices and think that I would rather spend that money on beads. I use a very economical beading surface which I have come to love. The base is nothing more than a plastic cafeteria tray which perfectly accommodates a standard beading mat. I bought my trays at Target but on a recent trip, I noticed they were just carrying the ones with the compartments for your food which doesn't work. You need the basic flat cafeteria tray and there are oodles on eBay for around $1 each.

On my beading trays in June.....

I just finished the Peacock Necklace, design by Ellad2.

And I am completely smitten with these five-strand bracelets. I discovered a wonderful tutorial by Christina Larson and was so impressed with the quality of her instruction that I subscribed for her YouTube channel and blog.

What's on my bead tray for this week? More five-strand bracelets and a pearl knotting kit I purchased to try to build a new skill.

What's on your bead tray?


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Paula,
Jelly roll pans work well too. I did the Peacock necklace a while back for a challenge and now it belongs to someone that just had to have it. I like the look of the wrap bracelets and yours is beautiful love the colors you chose to work with. Have fun leaning to knot pearls.

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