Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Awakenings Reveal

Andrew Thornton was "thinking Spring" when the snow was flying in Pennsylvania. Andrew's challenge packets are always jammed-packed full of beads of every size, shape and texture and you can see that was the case in the photos below. The mystery component is an amazing blue-green, just begging for the right bead frame. I started by wire wrapping one of the crystals from the packet to make a pendant.

Andrew's Mystery Component

The color palette for Spring Awakenings is a blue-green mix with the Southwest feel of the blue drawing me in. Instead of using the combined palette, I went with more monochromatic approaches for two necklaces.

The first necklace plays off the green tones and highlights Andrew's wonderful mystery component pendant which I nestled within an oglala netting motif. The netting allowed me to incorporate the many wonderful smaller beads as accent beads. The green 11/0 seed beads were from my stash.
Oh, Oglala!
I thought we needed earrings to complement the playful feel of the necklace and used one of my favorite earring patterns: the Swinging Fringe by Rebecca Cretti, featured in the October 2007 BeadAndButton. This pattern also allowed me to further incorporate some of the fun small accent beads.

But I couldn't neglect the wonderful blue which attracted me to the challenge in the first place. Andrew had provided an amazingly generous assortment of larger beads, which I decided to use in a loopy-fringe treatment. I thought the necklace needed a centerpiece and used the silver primitive cross from my stash.

This was a fairly time-consuming design as each of the increasing-sized loops used more beads which had to be mirrored on the opposite side, requiring lots of counting and good eyesight. It also required an abundance of blue size 11/0 beads. Fortunately, I had some in my stash that perfectly matched what Andrew had provided so no emergency orders were required.

Andrew, thanks for pulling together such an inspirational kit. Please visit the links below for more wonderful Spring Awakening creations:


Alison Herrington said...

Oh my GOODNESS! What amazing beadwork you've done, I am thrilled by the look of both the 'netting' AND the 'fringe'. I want to touch them!! I want to have the patience and skills that you have, Great job!

Kari Asbury said...

Amazing work! Love how you used the color palettes in monochromatic designs

Ann Schroeder said...

I love how you decided to be more monochromatic. Your necklaces are beautiful. I love both the netting and looping, but the fringe-y look of the second necklace appeals to me especially. I also was really wowed by the blue. I am such a green girl, but that blue is just spectacular!

Andrew Thornton said...

Stunning pieces! The first piece has such a luxurious texture. I love how the minty-colored pinch beads break up the solid color and help bring the eye around the entire lovely creation! The earrings are delightful! They're so elegant! They have a cool vintage feel. And your blue piece is just perfection! Such lovely movement! It really highlights the assortment of beads in the kit and forms a strike frame for the face! I bet it just makes you want to sing when you put it on! Great job and thank you so much for participating!

Jeanne @ Gems By Jeanne Marie said...

Paula, all of your designs are stunning! It's so nice to see someone make proper use of those tiny little beads Andrew likes to include!

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