Monday, February 16, 2015

Fifteen Days of Photos: Days 7 Through 15

Sally's prompts for this session were definitely influenced by the proximity to Valentines Day.

Day 11: Macro
I went with the heart theme for this macro and featured a few of the items I bought in Tucson last week-end. More about that on Day 12! These cute little copper pieces are from The Lipstick Ranch. You can see more of their pieces in the lower left of the day 12 photo.

Day 12: Temptation
Temptation was not something I avoided when I drove to the mecca of all things beading in Tucson last week-end. Below is a collage of a few of my purchases.

Day 13: Sweetness
I made my sweet hubby a customized chocolate bar from Chocri, which is a very cool web site that allows you to select your type of chocolate, fillings, toppings and any decorations. They are located in Germany so if you are tempted to order something, be sure to leave enough time for shipping. (Not an endorsement - I just think they are clever as well as sweet!)

Day 14: Love
For love, I pulled out an old photo of our son that my husband had taken many years ago. I know these are to be limited to photos we take but I did have a hand in editing this to mellow out its colors and add the frame. I just love his enchantment with the seagulls.

Day 15: Togetherness
I found this cool tutorial by Easy Digitals about how to use Photoshop to look like you carved initials on a tree. I modified it for the saguaro in our backyard. Hubby and I have a big anniversary this year so I may turn this into a canvas as part of his gift.

Let's see how everyone else spent days 7-15:


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Paula,
Love your photos I am a little bit jealous that you live close to Tucson and were able to go visit the bead shows. I would have been loaded down with rocks and beads. That is a very cool shot of your son and the seagulls. I love the photo of the cactus and the editing you did, that would be a very cool anniversary gift. I need to check out that web site for customizing chocolate.

Karin G said...

Your photos and your interpretation of the prompts are all so interesting! The photo of your son and the seagulls is fantastic and like Therese, I'm jealous you could go to this bead show!

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Your photos are fabulous - especially love the collage of all of your goodies!!!

Beti Horvath said...

Great looking selection! Beautiful photos, and perfect editing.

Sally Russick said...

Wow! Paula the editing of the old photo of your son in stunning! Wonderful vintage feel! And now I have to check out the chocolate website, talk about temptation!! You captured a beautiful group of images to finish the 15 days, thank you so much for participating in the challenge!!

Amy S. said...

Paula!!! I love these photos so very much!!! I am giggling at all my beading and crafting friends' photo for temptation!! hahah!! Love love love the photo of your son. and thanks for the tip on the chocolate bar. What a fantastic idea!

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