Friday, January 30, 2015

To Tucson or Not To Tucson?

I feel very lucky to reside a short two-ish hours drive from Tucson, the mecca of all things beading in February every year. Tucson to bead enthusiasts is like the Super Bowl to football fans, multiplied by 1000! 2010 was my first year to attend and I was totally overwhelmed. But it gave me great exposure to what it was all about and how to effectively plan for my next trip. It took me four years to recover but I went last year, just for a down-and-back in the same day. I wrote about it here and if you are interested, you can read about my experience and purchases.

This year I am really on the fence. I really don't need anything other than some spools of Fireline. My beading troves are full-to-the-gills with impulse and purposeful purchases. My list of to-do projects is probably longer than I can complete in a lifetime. Yet I hear the siren call... "Paula? Paula? I think you really should make that drive." So I will see how I feel next week-end and meantime, have prepared an itinerary just in case!

Preparation for Tucson is half the fun. It's like planning your vacation. Deciding on what venues to see, what artists and suppliers are on your must-visit list and of course building a shopping list of items you need (or think you need).

I put everything together in one word document with brief vignettes about the shows and a big map that plots out the shows I want to visit so I can plan an efficient driving course. Here's my map for 2015 with the venues I find most appealing.What do you think? Should I go?


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