Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moon Garden Challenge Reveal

What a wonderful abundance of goodies Andrew curated in his Moon Garden Challenge package. The variety of beads and shapes just shouted bead embroidery to me and I came up with this cuff.

The flat piece provides a better view of how Andrew's goodies came together.

Here are a couple more views.

After finishing the cuff, I still had plenty of wonderful beads and the amazing mystery component pendant. The mystery component was so beautiful, I wanted a piece to really show it off and finally decided to incorporate it into a bead crochet necklace.

Andrew, thanks for coming up with such an inspirational assortment of lovely items. Be sure to visit the other challenge participants at these locations:

Paula Kramer - You are here!
Carolyn Lawson
Carole Carlson
Alice Peterson
Kari Asbury
Tammy Bowman
Shaiha Williams

On Andrew Thornton's Blog:
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Alice said...

Wow what wonderful pieces! I can't imagine how long it took to make these.
I haven't seen any other posts for this challenge. I wonder if the date was changed again.....

Inner Muse Jewelry Design said...

Amazing bead embroidery bracelet! ~~Absolutely stunning~~ The theme you chose to highlight the focal is so pretty. I also love your bead crochet necklace. It really highlights Andrew's focal and is so organic and enchanting all at once.

Kari Asbury said...

Beautiful work! You did a fantastic job bringing using so many elements from the kit in your designs

Shaiha said...

That bracelet is incredible! Beautiful work on the necklace also. It really highlights that focal.

Andrew Thornton said...

Wow! Two great pieces! In the first piece, I love how there's so much texture and intricacy in the cuff. It looks so lush. In the second piece, I love how the crochet gives the piece an organic vibe and how it drapes beautifully. You've done a wonderful job! Thank you so much for participating! If you're ever back in Pennsylvania, you'll have to visit the shop! We're over in Ligonier!

Andrew Thornton said...

And of course if you visit, you'll have to model your creations! That is, if you still have them around! I have a feeling that if they were for sale, they'd fly off the shelf! Nicely done!

Ann Schroeder said...

Very beautiful bracelet and necklace. I am so impressed with bread embroidery and crochet. I love the looks.

Alison Herrington said...

What amazing work! Your cuff is just perfection. The color, the style, the design, the focal, ALL perfection.

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