Friday, October 24, 2014

Focus on Life Week 43: My Favorite Color

Oh dear, impossible! A favorite color is like a favorite child. I love them ALL.

I guess my favorite color is whatever I happen to be working with at the moment. And my current project happens to have a whole lot of color thanks to Sue Vandever from SuzieQBeads on Etsy. Sue made a custom batch of these wonderful bracelet cuffs for me. How is this for color?

This is the beginning of my Christmas gift-making frenzy. I have already made up the Pitt and Schwick bracelets and here is a peek at the completed items.

In case you're wondering, Schwick is a card game a group of us have gathered to play for over 20 years. I thought my card-friends might appreciate a memento of our many fun evenings. The band is a flat Turkish crochet treatment I learned from Marion Jewels in Fiber, who used it on her Princess Warrior bracelet kits. Here is another one I made with a link I bought from Sue last year.

Let's see if our other contributors can pick a favorite color.


Beti Horvath said...

Petty colors! I had a hard time pinning it down as well, so I went with what I wear!

Claire said...

These are such great fun!! If we're doing team colours, mine has to be red - lifelong Liverpool FC fan :-D

Karin G said...

Great idea for gifts, and colors with a message, that's fun!

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