Friday, August 29, 2014

Focus on Life Week 35: Lazy Days of Summer

These days, summers aren't too lazy for me since my routine doesn't change all that much. Not like when Mike was a youngster and every summer included a week at the Jersey Shore, outings to Pirates games and hazy evenings spent watching Little League. In fact, summers seem to be made for children with the interlude of liberation between school sessions. One of my favorite summer memories was taking our four young nephews to Sandcastle Water Park. Isn't this just the most adorable photo? If they were blog readers, they would all be cringing since this was taken eight years ago and now their summers are anything but lazy with hours filled by part-time jobs, girlfriends and college preparation.

Let's see how everyone else is spending their summer days.


Claire said...

Wonderful photo, indeed! Our own son must be the same age as he's preparing to go to college next month *gulp*

Alice said...

A great photo! I'll bet those same kids wish they could roll back to that summer at the park.

Nelly May said...

Nothing says "summer" like a day at the waterpark. Great photo, great memory.

Annette said...

Oh I bet they were having fun that day! It would be fun to recreate that photo every 10 years or so when they're all together.

Shel said...

Cute! I'm sure, like you mentioned, they'd be cringing by now if they saw this, but oh what sweet memories! Summer's are made for the kiddos I think. I just got my son and one of his best and longest friends to pose for a pic by the ocean this weekend, just like when they were 4 years old - it made me so happy!!

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