Friday, August 22, 2014

Focus on Life Week 34: About the Ground (Monsoon!)

Last week I wrote about the cloudy skies and rain. Well, this week, rain returned with a vengeance and brought a huge monsoon storm that kept hubby and I housebound for several hours on Tuesday. Although the rain comes from above, it sure made it a mess "about the ground". I thought I would share a couple before and after photos with you.

Before the Monsoon: School House Road

After the Monsoon: School House Road

Before the Monsoon: Lane to Our House

After the Monsoon: Lane to Our House

After the Monsoon: Happy Flowers

In addition to rain for thirsty flowers,
 the monsoon brought some magnificent sunsets.

And for more exciting news about the ground, take a stroll to our other neighborhoods.


Beti Horvath said...

I hope all is well, and not too damaged now. Very impressive photos!

Claire said...

Wow, I do hope everyone's safe...
Dramatic effects indeed!

Islandgirl said...

Presume everything is now dry and monsoons are a normal event? How often do you get caught on the wrong side of a wash during a monsoon?

Alice said...

Oh no, what a wash out! I hope there was no damage there. And wow what a lovely sunset!!!

Shel said...

Wow - you really did get washed out up there, didn't you?! These are great photos. It was sad though, watching all the folks up in New River and other areas who lost their homes to the flash floods this week. Amazing how our desert can change so quickly, isn't it?!!

Karin G said...

Very impressive pictures! And gorgeous sunset!

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

Twice. Both times stuck at home which is better than the reverse.

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