Friday, June 20, 2014

Focus on Life Week 25: Color! (Green)

Sally's description of color this week was "having much or varied color". Well my story is more one of monochrome. It started when I was going through my photo files reviewing projects I was checking off my completed list. Sure and begorra! I definitely was on a green binge and never realized it until now. It all started with the Well-Behaved Cuff I shared with you earlier this year.

Here we have some green again in the Autumn Branch Necklace, a design by Linda Gittings from the (gulp) August/September 2004 Beadwork Magazine. Yes, I hung onto that issue for 10 years!

At least I pulled in some browns on this necklace but those green chunky beads and ceramic pendant continue the trend. I was playing with waxed Irish linen for the first time and fell in love with it!

And here we have some coordinating (green of course!) earrings.

But my very favorite is this green turquoise cab on a herringbone ribbon strap.

I think I am ready to move onto a new palette.

Let's see what other colors inspired us this week.


Claire said...

What gorgeous pieces!! That's one of my most favourite quotes :)
Happy Solstice x

Mary K. McGraw said...

Love your bead work, it is gorgeous! I like green also and never tire of it.

Patty Woodland said...

Green is certainly a color with enough shades to keep you busy for a long tie

thewovenspoke said...

Green is beautiful, yay for you.

Shel said...

Paula! Those greens are fabulous! Especially your Autumn Branch Necklace - oh my goodness, that is just stunning!!

Islandgirl said...

Well since green is my favorite colour, what can I say... they are all lovely!

Annette said...

Every one of those pieces is beautiful! I don't use green very much in my sewing. I need to rethink that!

Beti Horvath said...

Good luck getting away from green. It will sneak back into your work, I'm sure, since you create amazing designs with it!

Its All About Creating said...

I'm in Sun City West, AZ, not too far from Cave Creek (one of my favorite places to shop). Love your blog and have joined to follow you. Also, "Chief Bead Officer" was my first smile of the day…..thanks. - Marlene

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