Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Focus on Life Week 24: Have Fun and Get Snappin'

Sally's guidance to us this week was just snap with abandon. I found myself in the kitchen, which is a bit of an event all by itself. The occasion was making a dessert to take to a dinner party. And what's more fun that a yummy dessert that is super easy to make?

Peach Melba Trifle is about as easy as a recipe can get and it is great for warm weather. Better yet, it looks oh-so pretty and will earn you some ooh's and ahhh's. So here are the shots I snapped.

First I made a batch of pudding mixture and folded in some whipped whipping cream. (used the real stuff thank-you-very-much)

Then I cut up a store-bought angel food cake. (horrors!) If you're picky you could make one from scratch but I'm not that picky especially when Safeway does such a good job.

You drizzle some Harveys Bristol Cream over it -- or orange juice if you're a tee-totaler. And yes, they still make this stuff. I think this was the first bottle I have ever purchased -- all for 1/4 cup!

And then you add some layers of yumminess: peaches and red raspberry preserves.

....topped off with the whipped cream-pudding mixture and repeat layers.

And then to dress it up, you drop some globs of red raspberry preserves on top of the last layer of pudding mix and swirl it around. You can also add toasted almonds but I forgot to do that so it's good that step is optional.

Assembled in no time and earned rave reviews.

I put the recipe in my public Dropbox if you'd like to download a copy. I can't claim to have invented it. The recipe came from my good friend, Chris. But feel free to grab a copy if you like!

And now let's see what made everyone else snap-happy this week!


Islandgirl said...

Nothing better than an easy recipe that people enjoy... Nothing worse than going to a potluck and coming home with almost everything you took! Looks yummy!

Beti Horvath said...

Looks yummy! Great photos. Food photography is not a cinch!

Alice said...

Oh it looks so yummy and perfect for a spring day. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Claire said...

Now that's what I call a trifle - gorgeously yummy!!!
Have a fun Saturday x

Nelly May said...

Phwoar! I loooove trifle!

Cindy Pack said...

Holy cow! My mouth is watering! Yes yes yes! Gimme the recipe!! Great photos! Thanks for sharing! :-D

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