Friday, April 25, 2014

Focus on Life Week 17: Evening Moments

My evening moments are usually pretty uneventful. Hubby and I make a meal, we clean up the dishes and I usually get in an hour or two of beading with the TV on in the background. My buddy Harold loves when I sit at my beading desk. He lays in the front of the desk, swatting at thread from time to time but mostly snoozing like he is in this photo.

OK, now that I have the obligatory cat photo out of my system, I thought I would challenge myself with some outside photos. It's no piece of cake taking photos without a flash at night but the photo below reminds me of my occasional moments of home sickness when I was in college. I would take a study break by walking through the neighborhoods and look at the homes made warm by the golden light dotting the evening.

But this last photo is my favorite, taken in our front yard and edited just a bit to soften some of the glare of the spotlights on the saguaro.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Focus on Life Week 16: Moment Best Captured in Black and White

For this week's theme, I thought we would do some time travel back to 1969 when the Beatles were in full swing and my Mom was sewing almost all my outfits. Here is a photo of my brother and I in our Easter finery. He sure looks thrilled to be having his picture taken with me!

Don'cha just love my hat and the nehru jacket on my brother?

The original photo was in color and here it is so you get the full affect of the matching hat and gloves. I think this is a moment better captured in black and white!

Continuing our Easter theme, I thought I would digress for a beading moment. I don't color eggs with dye but do use beads to make a couple of these eggs every year. The pattern is called Egg-Stravagance by Julia Gerlach.

Here you see my 2014 egg in its black and white form.

But let's try just a splash of color.

Now let's go for the whole darn egg in color.

And finally, both 2014 eggs in full color glory!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Focus on Life Week 15: Moment of Focus

Can you guess what this is?

Of course, you guessed a plant of some type. The blooming palo verde tree is as much a harbinger of Spring in Arizona as daffodils are in the East. I love how its golden blooms light up the desert.

Here's the same palo verde a little further away.

And yet a little further away still.

And now for your National Geographic moment, palo verde is Spanish for green stick and is the official state tree of Arizona.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Focus on Life Week 14: Morning

I have two morning stories to share with you. The picture below is a common morning site. What is this you ask? This is our freshly-made bed with a big old lump in it. No, the lump is not sheets or pajamas or an errant pillow.

It is none other than our weird kitty, Harold, who loves to crawl under the covers of a freshly made bed. He somehow maneuvers in such a way to leave the top covers undisturbed except for the lump.

We have had more than a few cats and he is the first who enjoys this odd sleeping location!

Now for a different type of morning story. I had a work trip this week to Berkeley, California. The meeting location was the Claremont Resort and Spa, a wonderful grand hotel. I arrived late Tuesday night when a rare rain storm made visibility almost impossible. Tired from a long day of travel, I went to bed and woke the next morning to prepare for my meeting. I opened the draperies to for a quick weather check and here is the sight that greeted me.

What a great morning vista looking at the city of San Francisco!

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