Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Anyone Tucson-Bound?

Just curious if anyone is planning to attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this year? My last visit was 2010 and I still have items that are sitting in my stash awaiting beading splendor!

A friend and I may make a power trip and since we are only two hours away, that is a doable feat. With such a limited time, I have to be a savvy planner..... No time for dawdling over frosty beverages (shucks!).

There are many great show resources but I like this one sponsored by Visit Tucson. Each show has a nice little summary with a hyperlink to its location on the map so you can plot your most efficient path to beading bankruptcy.

Since we are considering just a one day junket, I selected only five venues and I think that is probably pushing it. But here are my hot prospects.

A Bead Carnival

Kino Sports Complex

To Bead True Blue

The Tucson Bead Show

The Best Bead Show

I think ending the trip at the Best Bead Show is a great finale. And here's my handy-dandy map.

I'm not sure which will go first - my feet or my wallet!


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