Friday, April 26, 2013

Focus on Life Week 17: Color/Colour

It was color or perhaps colour that made me bid on an eBay listing last year that was chock full of polymer clay pieces. Below you see a collage of the many pieces that were part of the lot. I was entranced by the sheer number and variety of designs in the pieces.

Lot of Polymer Clay Pieces - eBay Purchase
When my package arrived, I was astonished at the number of pieces. They are an odd lot. Some are interesting shapes and many don't have holes. Many are labeled with the artist's name: Ginny Henley.

My problem? I'm not quite sure what to do with them. Below you see my first experiment using one of the pieces as a cabochon. I wasn't entirely happy with it and put it away to ponder for awhile. One year later, I haven't made any more progress.

So I thought some of my bloggy friends might be up for the challenge. If you are interested, just go to my web site and access my email by clicking the contact me link on the home page. Send me your mailing address and I will send you a couple random pieces. I will pick up the postage - no worries there - but need to limit the number to the first 25 responders. If the pieces you receive inspire you to create something cool, just post them on your blog or send me a photo and I will post them here.

Here's another photo to get your inspiration going!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Focus On Life Week 16: Take A Walk

What a fun topic this week. Talking a walk in my neighborhood is always an adventure. You never know what scenery or critters might greet you. Why don't you join me on the path I took last Sunday?

Leaving the house, our little lane often finds a horserider or two. This time of year, the wildflowers are out and this friendly little hedgehog cactus is sporting its purple finery.

But you also need to be mindful of more threatening characters. Fortunately, this bull snake seemed pretty relaxed as I quick-stepped past him!

It's about 1/2 mile into town: Cave Creek - population ~5,000. About 1,500 real cowboys and ranchers; 1,500 golfers, 500 retirees and 1,500 other characters! (my estimates).

We're a tourist town with more "watering holes" per square inch than just about anywhere this side of Las Vegas. But the signage is what I love. Here you see our Frontier Town cowboy.

At El Encanto Cantina, ducks float happily on the small stream that runs through the restaurant, the salsa is spicy and the beverages frosty!

More great signage and great barbecue at Bryan's.

The Pink Cadillac doesn't need neon or a cadillac -- its bright pink entry just insists you stop on in.

Cave Creek's version of Pawn Stars awaits you at Wild West Pawn.

Here's my favorite: Lazy Lizard Consignment where we have found some of the most unique items to adorn our home.

With great weather most of the year, merchants take advantage of every bit of space -- even outside where you can window shop without the window.

And if you develop a thirst during your walk, Big Earl's Eats makes a mean burger and milkshake.

Well, enough for today. Time to head back home. We'll have to venture out again some day and visit the rest of our fun little town.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Focus On Life Week 15: Aged Beauty

Hmmmmm. What to write about this week. I pondered as I stepped through my chores and stopped in front of the china cabinet when I realized that it was the answer! The cabinet itself is an antique purchased by my hubby and I early in our married life when we lived in a center hall colonial house and sought out lovely old pieces. But the cabinet took on a heightened role after my Mother passed and we discovered these wonderful pieces of Fiestaware packed away in her attic. Some come from my grandmother and others were picked up along the way. My brothers and sister thought I should have them and their brilliant colors fit perfectly into our Southwest home. They are an odd, mis-matched lot but make me smile with memories of Mom every time I pass by.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Focus On Life Week 14: Up Close

Here I am, queen of predictability with my beads. But what better subject for "Up Close" than these colorful, sparkly objects. Below is one of my earring designs with an up close look at the center of the earring component.

And, while I was macro happy, I snapped a couple fun stones from an aeromatic dish in our powder room....

And lastly, the whimsical feline! This is a folk art kitty, a long ago gift who usually looks out at the world from our china cabinet. I think he enjoyed his momentary liberation for the photo shoot.

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