Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kit Review: Lisa Peters Art Mini Flower Ring

I am a fan of Lisa Peters, creator of beads, buttons and other fantastic art works. After following her blog and hearing about her mini ring kits which often sell out as fast as she can stock them in her Etsy store, I thought I’d give one a try. Lisa offers these kits in conjunction with Grace Daniel who developed the pattern.

The kit itself is super-comprehensive, and even includes an adorable tiny tube of E6000 glue AND scissors! I don’t think Lisa will mind my borrowing this photo from her Etsy shop showing the kit materials.

And, if you are looking for a quick, accessible bead weaving project, this is the one for you. It could be completed in one long sitting if you were really motivated.

And best of all is the lovely focal flower bead that serves as the ring’s centerpiece. Below you see my finished project.

To cap it all off, a portion of the proceeds from each ring kit are dedicated to a charity chosen by Grace. I’d call that a well-spent $20!


Lisa Peters Russ said...

awww.. Just saw this! I am so glad you liked the kit and thank you so much for blogging about it.

I know, I am always a little late but I do appreciate your words so much!


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