Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowflakes in Future Floor Wax?

If you have made any of Sandra D. Halpenny's snowflake patterns, you won't think the title of this post is strange. But if you haven't, you are probably shaking your head and wondering if I have completely lost my marbles.

Sandra D. Halpenny was one of my first introductions to bead weaving. I was introduced to her designs on the now defunct Ready to Bead web site which kitted and sold designs from many well-known bead artists. All of Sandra's patterns are available from her web site and she is also an active Facebook poster. These kits were a great way to learn bead weaving because everything I needed was in one place (even the thread) and the directions were usually super-clear.

One of my first purchases was Sandra's 2006 Snowflake Collection:

Sandra D. Halpenny's 2006 Snowflake Collection

My all-time favorite was ornament #11 and everyone on my gift list received one of these beautiful ornaments that year.

Sandra D. Halpenny Snowflake #11


Imagine my surprise as a rookie beader to read Sandra's instructions to dip the snowflakes in Future floor wax to stiffen them. And it worked beautifully.

Sandra consistently updates and offers new patterns and it has become my yearly holiday tradition to try one of her new snowflake patterns. This year it was Snowflake # 79:

Snowflake #79 Pattern
You can make the pattern with Tila beads or bugles and I did one of each, shown below with one snowflake of pattern #11 which I made with turquoise chips for a Southwest flair. For packaging, I use earring cards but instead of punching them for earrings, I make a single punch in the middle and pull the string through the hole with a little tape to hold it in place.

And below you see the work-in-progress when I had dipped them in Future Floor wax. Who'da thunk it?


Sandra's Gluten-Free Cooking blog said...

Nice blog post Paula. Happy to hear that you enjoy making the snowflakes. They are some of my favorite things to make. Sandra D Halpenny

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